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PO Box 631,   18 Stoneleigh Way, Elizabethtown, NY 12932       518-873-2669 if you'd like to email us-but give us time to respond as the emails are only checked once a day after 2 pm. A phone call is better and faster but again, the phone gets checked after 2 pm. 



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Rates and Availability

The phone is not manned during the morning, so please don't expect an answer immediately if calling for rooms. I will return all queries in the early afternoon. The computer is checked in the late afternoon.

The rates are as follows:

Upstairs rooms are $75 per night. They all share a full bathroom and a half bathroom that are located in the hallway next to room #4 and room #5. (Full bathroom is next to #5, and the half bath is next to #4). The price gets reduced if you stay two or more nights.

*The Suite is $110 per night with a private bathroom and fireplaces in the bedroom and attached private living room. The price gets reduced if you stay two or more nights.

The Carriage House is a separate building  and is $110.00 per night and it has its own heat, own bathroom, Living Room, small kitchen and a large bedroom. Stay two or more nights and the price gets reduced.

You can also rent the (whole) main house for the price of $335 per night. That includes each upstairs room and the Suite. That saves you the price of one upstairs room by booking the whole house at one time. (The deal doesn't work if each person calls in separately or if you don't take the whole house. All or nothing, as they say).        The Carriage House is separate from this deal.

These prices include all taxes and come with a *continental breakfast. 

*Continental breakfast includes all drinks, fresh fruit, fresh muffins, a variety of breads, and hot and cold cereals.