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18 Stoneleigh Way        P.O. Box 631

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PLEASE NOTE REGARDING CHECK-IN. We used to have Rosemary here to greet you when you checked in, but due to her passing, I may not always be here to greet you.  We establish your room when we set up the booking, so please feel free to come in and make yourself comfortable even if I am not here immediately upon your arrival. I will meet and welcome you when I am able. The rooms are numbered and are easy to find. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and thank you for booking with Stoneleigh.


Rates and Availability

The phone is manned in the afternoon, but it may take a little time to get to it, so please be patient. We will call you back as soon as possible. I will return all email queries in the early afternoon, or late evening. 

The rates are as follows:

If you pay with cash (or eat breakfast away from here), then the price gets reduced $5 for each category. (Cash price is $70/night. No breakfast + cash is $65/night). When you stay two or more nights, the price gets reduced by $5 also making the rooms upstairs $60/night with all three discounts. The Suite starts at $100, and if you use all three discounts, the rate becomes $85/night.

Upstairs rooms are $75 per night. They all share a full bathroom and a half bathroom that are located in the hallway next to room #4 and room #5. (Full bathroom is next to #5, and the half bath is next to #4). The price gets reduced if you stay two or more nights.

*The Suite is $100 per night with a private bathroom and fireplaces in the bedroom and attached private living room. The price gets reduced if you stay two or more nights.

The Carriage House is a separate building  and is $100.00 per night and it has its own heat, own bathroom, Living Room, small kitchen and a large bedroom. Stay two or more nights and the price gets reduced.

You can also rent the (whole) main house for the price of $350 per night. That includes each upstairs room and the Suite. (The deal doesn't work if each person calls in separately or if you don't take the whole house all at once. All or nothing, as they say). This includes breakfast as well. If you pay with cash and eat breakfast elsewhere, the rate will be $335.00 per night). The Carriage House is separate from this deal and is still $100/per night with discounts for cash, no food, and extra nights.

These prices include all taxes and come with a *continental breakfast. 

*Continental breakfast includes all drinks, fresh fruit, fresh muffins, a variety of breads, and hot and cold cereals.