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18 Stoneleigh Way        P.O. Box 631

Elizabethtown, NY 12932


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The Carriage House

This building has two double beds, a large couch, two TV's, its own private bathroom with shower stall (no bathtub), a small kitchen area, a microwave, a small refrigerator, a coffee maker,  and a counter top single portable burner.

The Carriage House is so named since it really was the place to house horses and carriages, but it has been transformed into a cozy little retreat that can comfortably accommodate 4 people in the bedroom and 1 on the couch. It also has room for a "futon" on the floor, or a tent outside (weather permitting) so you can fit more people if so desired.

This building is all ready for you and your family.

The rate is $100 per night, and if you are staying two or more nights, paying with cash, or eating elsewhere, then the price goes down.